How It Works

Curious about how Barter Babes works? Take a look at our process below so you can understand how you can get the best out of your investment in our community:

How It Works

Step One: Enroll in Barter Babes Academy

Class is in session, babes. Learn how to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready in Barter Babes Academy! This intensive, four-module course is a prerequisite to becoming a member of Barter Babes. Why? We want to ensure that all of our babes enter our community with the same amount of knowledge and understanding of our bartering philosophy. Enrollment is time sensitive and is only offered every four weeks.

Step Two: Apply for Membership

Once you successfully complete Barter Babes Academy, you are eligible to become a member of our community. In our community, you will have access to our directory, barter e-blasts, online forums, downloadable resources, and more to help you flourish as a business owner. Applications are accepted following the completion of each course cohort.

Step Three: #BeastMode

Use our platform to get ish done. Connect with other babes in our directory, ask questions and get feedback in our forums, and ultimately, lean in to use us as a resource. This is YOUR platform and we are here to help you win. Take advantage of the free and discounted resources and don’t be afraid to holler if you think we should be doing something to help promote your success.