About Us

We’re here because of you. Female entrepreneurs are less likely to receive a business loan and earn a whopping three percent of venture capitalist funds to expand their start-up.

Barter Babes, LLC (Bold, Ambitious Bosses Exchanging Services) exists to help female entrepreneurs learn and apply bartering strategies to take their businesses to the next level. Started by Whitney L. Barkley in late-2015, Barter Babes was created as a response to address the economic disparities that face female entrepreneurs. While women-owned businesses are starting at rapid rates, the access to funding is limited, leaving many women unable to hire a team or outsource essential business tasks to other professionals.

Our intensive course and membership platform is designed to help you integrate bartering during your first few years of business or hard times. We desire to help reduce the statistic of failed businesses through our services by empowering women to focus on their products services while allowing another babe with a service-oriented mindset help take care of the rest through bartering.


What We're All About

Why We Exist

Barter Babes is a membership-based platform that empowers female entrepreneurs to remove business barriers through high-level bartering education and community.

What We Do

We have a vision to help more than 1,000 women-led businesses and startups become sustainable through our network, course, and programming by 2027.

Why We Need You

Your presence in the Barter Babes' Community has the impact to help you inspire others and be motivated to produce the best version of your business.